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Manufacturing Standards

Fiberglass inground pool in backyard installation | Nautika Pools
One-Day Installation

Typical one-day installation, weather permitting.

Fiberglass inground pool in backyard installation | Nautika Pools
No Subcontracting

Work with true industry professionals.

Manufacturer | Installer

Over 40 years of in-ground pool expertise in Quebec.

In-Ground Pool Construction…

Before Making Your Decision, It’s Important to Understand In-Ground Pool Construction in Detail.


At Nautika, our manufacturing standards are of the highest order:

  • Fully reinforced woven fiberglass structure
  • Roving 20 oz, exclusive to nautika
  • Unique, sleek design with 2″ radii, easy to accommodate
  • 100% fiberglass stair stringers and reinforcements
  • No wood in the design of our pools
  • 3″ perimeter safety step
  • Maximum water level and a more attractive look
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Thick walls
  • Comfortable, safe stairs
  • Treads with integrated anti-slip
  • Designed and manufactured in Quebec


Initial quality: we take pride in delivering pools that meet our customers’ expectations in every respect, from design to manufacturing and assembly quality.

Eco-responsibility: through our choice of materials, processes and business practices, we always favor the most environmentally-friendly solutions.

Safety: we take a two-pronged approach to pool design and production. Our factory complies with the most stringent prevention standards and offers employees a productive and safe working environment.

Innovation: every year, we invest a great deal of time, energy and resources in the research and development of new products, new ways of doing things and more efficient materials. Ultimately, it’s our customers who benefit from these innovations!

Our fiberglass inground pool models are available in a variety of sizes. Whether you’re looking for a large pool, a pool in a small space, or a pool in a small area, Nautika has the in-ground pool for you.